The YABUZUKA factory which carries out assemblied production of the unit houses on the line from part processing to completion.
Reliance is raised by the height of production efficiency, and quality control.

In the YABUZUKA factory, they are press sheet metal, roll fabrication, a vendor, welding, adhesion, paint,  and an assembly. Said work of a totaled series It is made possible at a large-sized factory. Moreover, it is the point which the other company cannot do this work of a series of self-confident.
Production of a unit house is line-ized and the production system is raising productivity from parts to finished goods.
Now, the reliable large size container house is mass-produced by experience cultivated for years and advanced manufacturing technique.

Product (container house) Product (container house)

Central portal Inside of the second factory
This side is the first factory from the road of the main gate. The first factory (left) and the second factory (right)


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